About Fossilized Fashion

Like most traditional business success stories, Fossilized Fashion was started by two hungover friends in a Portland coffee shop talking about how rad dinosaurs are. We figured there were probably people out there who would give us money to make equally rad shirts – and here we are! We really want you to enjoy the products we make, so we’ll be regularly working on new designs and improving the customer experience until we get it just right.

So, who are we?


Megan Dials - Designasaur

The creative powerhouse of this whole operation, she designs the shirts. You could say Megan is the heart and soul of Fossilized Fashion, because without her it wouldn’t exist. That or we’d just be selling really, really shitty versions of these shirts. Megan likes art, selfies, Benjamin Franklin, and disappointing her mother. She plans on ditching this two-bit company as soon as her mixtape drops.


Handling the business side of things, he’s the “suit.” Just kidding, Carlo is an SEO consultant who’s usually just sitting around without pants on, surrounded by empty RedBull (please don’t sue us) cans. He likes to get “totally hammered, bro” and write the descriptions and other copy on the site. Like this. What you’re reading right now. I wrote this.